Mistress Elektra

Professional Dominatrix mainly based in Spain, but I travel all over Europe. A Norse goddess with russian origins, a beautiful Lady of the North with whom any man would be honored to be in her presence. I am tall, elegant, sensual, sophisticated, intelligent, creative and wild. My russian roots have given me a strong and relentless character, but my long career in Spain has endowed me with genuine humor, which creates an extraordinary mix worth discovering.

I am Alpha Woman par excellence, from now on things will be as I want and say, there is no other option, this is my game and it is played like this. I am passionate about what I am and what I do and I always enjoy it. I love turning fantasies into reality, tormenting and provoking, punishing and rewarding, making you mine. I enjoy many types of fetishes, from the sublime to the ridiculous, as long as it's safe, sane and consensual. Part of my charm is my sincere affinity for what I do and the way I personally connect with each slave or submissive.

Dominatrix Elektra
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Be clear about your position before Me, no matter if you are experienced or new, I always demand the utmost respect for myself. I am a practical and concise woman so if you really want to know me do not beat around the bush. Not everyone is fit to serve Me and I will always reserve the right to handpick each candidate, if you are not willing to follow my rules don’t even bother. When you come to my presence I expect real devotion and you to be aware that from now on my word is law.


There are practices that I do not perform under any circumstances, check carefully what they are.

I DO NOT offer conventional sexual services, if you are looking for sex do not bother contacting me. 
I DO NOT perform extreme practices or practices that may inflict serious damage on the submissive. 
I DO NOT perform practices such as: copro/scat, adult baby, games with enemas and games with animals.

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