I enjoy a wide range of practices. Certainly i have a sadistic tendency and it gives me great ecstasy to inflict pain, but I find a touching pleasure in feminization and protocol sessions. Check my tastes and I'm sure we'll get to understand each other. Remember that all sessions are SSC (safe, sane and consensual).


Practices that do not inflict physical pain, but psychologically subdue the submissive.

Sense control (vision / hearing)
Now you don't hear or see me, you don't know what I'm going to do. It's the uncertainty that turns you on.

Your place is in a cold little cage, like the dog you are. I'll keep a close eye on you and if you are lucky you might eat my leftovers.

Verbal humiliation
You are a clown and it turns you on to hear it, since you are so pathetic that you get horny just with a few silly words.

Handcuffed, tied, chained or restrained to a cross, whatever it is you are at my total disposal.

I will wrap you in cling film from head to toe, you will be my particular worm, when I decide to free you, you will be reborn as a butterfly.

Discipline and protocol
To be a good servant you will have to learn appropriate behaviors and rules in my presence.


Forced chastity
Your pleasure belongs to me like the rest of you, there is no better image than your caged member without being able to get excited and I will keep it that way for as long as I want.

Take a breath because it's time for you to stop breathing. I can take your breath away with my beautiful buttocks or with my strong arms, it's clear that I even control your breathing.


Tease and Denial
You're about to climax, but you're not going to. I'll play with your arousal any way I want and frustrate your orgasm countless times because that's what amuses me.


With a well-skinned ginger root I will play in your most intimate areas, causing you to sting of pleasure.


Role Playing
To put an end to the monotony, I suggest you play as a teacher / student, policeman / detainee, soldier / prisoner of war, etc... There are many possibilities, tell me your fantasy and I will make it come true. (Remember that I always play the dominant role).


From now on you are my puppy. I will baptize you with a new name and I will train you as such.


Human furniture
Your function is to serve as a footrest or a rug, hopefully, if you are lucky enough to have the right constitution, you can be my chair.

Feminization (Gender Transformation)
When I'll transform you, I might bring out that slut inside you or you may be a doll to play with. But surely your masculinity will go to the trash bin and you will have to wear heels.

My fluids are sacred, open your mouth wide and don't waste a drop of my saliva.

Pegging / Fisting
It's time for anal games, I'll use that ass as I please. I may penetrate you with my strap-on so you can enjoy like a bitch and if you're ready I may follow with my hand too. (This practice is subject to deep anal cleansing, otherwise it could lead to the termination of the session).

Golden shower
My golden nectar is only for a select few. Will you be worthy of it?

Sissy Maid
Ready to serve your Mistress with devotion? Now you will be my servant, you will have to do all the tasks accurately or you will get your deserved punishment.


Practices that inflict physical pain on the submissive.

Play Video

Clench your teeth and prepare your face for my special caress, you'll love it.


They come in all shapes and sizes, but where they are best is on your body.


Take strength because you will feel all my power over you, I may step on you with my delicate feet or with my sharp heels.


It's spanking time, an art that I adore. To do this practice I can use my own hand or different toys that I have in my collection.


Electro Play
Electricity has always fascinated me and every face I see when I electrocute them is to frame it, I love it. (This practice is completely prohibited for people with heart problems and other medical deficiencies.)


Genital torture
My imagination runs wild when I think of everything I could do to your noble parts, starting from gentle patting to harder practices like waxing.

Nipple torture
I love to play with that small and sensitive part of your body, leave them in my hands and you will feel amazing sensations.


Punishment with a rod
My rod and the soles of your feet, the perfect combination for an exquisite punishment.


Open your legs wide and receive my boot in your balls. Crying is not allowed.


Candles / Wax
This gets very hot, you notice it when I slowly pass the flame over your skin and with great ease I pour hot drops of wax on you.


Practices that include objects or situations that cause sexual arousal.

Feet / Hands
You will adore every nook and cranny of my hands and feet, with good massages both with your hands and mouth.


Shoes / Boots / Heels
In my inventory I have a wide variety of shoes to recreate with them.


There is no better ashtray than your mouth, open it wide and don't drop anything on the floor.

My sweat is the hottest perfume out there and it's only for the finest noses. (If you want to enjoy this practice let me know in advance.)


Clothing: stockings, corset, lingerie. etc…
Whatever I wear looks good on me, but suggestions are welcome if you have any requests, but the final choice will always be mine.


You are a perverted voyeur and gets turned on watching me spank others, but you really want to be in their place. (Sessions with more people are subject to additional costs.)


It turns you on when other people look at you when I put you in your place. I can organize a meeting with friends to see you or go to a fetish club. If you are more daring I will humiliate you in the street. The possibilities are many, just tell me what turns you on. (Sessions with more people are subject to additional costs.)


Prepare your credit card because today it's time to go shopping. There are many variants of the Findom I personally enjoy more when I have the submissive in front of me, but we can always find the system that works best for you.


Apart from usual practices, I carry out other activities that may interest you.

Online sessions
Are you far from me? It is no longer a problem, with technology we can connect from anywhere in the world. The online session can be done by video call, phone call or text messages.

I attend couples
You can be both submissive, dominant and submissive or be complete newbies who want to learn. I will be happy to play with you two. (Sessions with more people are subject to additional costs.)

Companion to dinners and fetish parties
I choose the restaurant and the menu, you just have to obey. It will be an unforgettable dinner. To top off the evening I'm taking you on a leash to an important event.

Sale of personal clothing
Do you want something that I wore? Maybe some used panties or my smelly socks? Don't wait any longer and ask me how to get them.


There are practices that I do not perform under any circumstances, check carefully what they are.

I DO NOT offer conventional sexual services, if you are looking for sex do not bother contacting me. 
I DO NOT perform extreme practices or practices that may inflict serious damage on the submissive.
I DO NOT perform practices such as: copro/scat, adult baby, games with enemas and games with animals.

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